Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Tree Lined Driveway

Can't wait to drive along between the trees after they have grown up in the next few years! 

Do you remember my post on the Tree Lined Driveways nearly a year ago? If so you will be pleased to hear that is is finally planted. This has been something I have always wanted even as a little girl. I remember driving along Victoria Avenue (those of you from Adelaide will know this street) and being mesmerised as we drove through the 'tree tunnel'.

With so many restrictions as to what we can plant in our area is was not an easy task finding a tree that would tolerate our conditions. My first choice would have been London Plane trees, but talking to friends in the area who had planted them they were not recommended.

We already have 22 Manchurian Pear trees in the house yard which are going extremely well and have had very little water or care given to them.

The Manchurian's Blossom was beautiful this year.

Given this I decided to stick with the pear family and have opted for another ornamental  pear the Glensform -Cleveland Select down either side of the driveway.  They are more upright than the Manchurian Pears but not quite so much as the Capital Pears I have near the veggie garden.  They should spread nicely but not too much over the driveway. 

Image via Pinterest- hopefully ours look like this one day.

A big thank you to my farmer for his hard work planting and Harvey for supervising!

Have a great week all!

I am delighted to be spending it with my two little boys. I love school holidays and having them around. I must admit I am a bit of a sook and miss them when they are at school.


Elements said...

I remember that post about your tree lined drive way.....so funny how things come around eventually. I think you have chosen well. In another year you will be posting another beautiful image of slightly grown trees and it will still look amazing. I am hosting a give away if you get a chance to pop over....

Sarah @ Gladys in the Garden.blogspot.com said...

I am very familiar with Victoria Ave...beautiful. Imagine driving through a tree canopy like that as you near home...what a welcome. It's going to be stunning.

Samantha said...

Hi Letitia, we have planted the cleveland either side of our driveway, they are blossoming right now, and their leaves have just started to come out, they are a beautiful tree, we only lost a few when I didnt turn the rideon quick enough and I went right over the top of them.x

Squeak & Squirrel said...

Harveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey, hello. Look at that white fluffy rough!! And those socks!! Wish Alice kept her white ones this clean. Please make another cameo appearance soon x

JOJ07 said...

Hi Letitia, I do remember your post very well and even saved the image, as you inspired my tree lined drive that we also planted a couple of months ago. We went with the bare-root London Plane trees which have now morphed into lovely leafy specimens. I also like the ornamental pears and have them planted each side of our main gate entrance. Your variety is something I haven't heard of up here in South-East Qld, which has intriqued me. They do look beautiful in flower (and co-ordinate expertly with your White Shed concept!) You indeed have an eye for the details, which reflects in your beautiful home. x Jo

Kelly Green said...

Oh these will look amazing when they have grown. i hope they get lots of lovely rain on them now.....I have just put in a Capital pear and nothing looks nicer thsan a newly planted tree! KG xx

Milo and Mitzy said...

Gorgeous outdoor images. Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by Milo and Mitzy.

Have a great week.



Stylish Kylie said...

What a big job to plant all those trees. It will be beautiful. I remember driving home from my grandmothers house late at night when I was a child. We'd drive down this dirt road that had a tree canopy and I'd watch the moonlight stream in through the trees. It was so magical.

Tony Pullis said...

Ah i stumbled here via google, glad i did now, this looks amazing...all down to your hard work of course.

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