Friday, August 26, 2011

Beautiful Weather

The weather on the Yorke Peninsula has been absolutley beautiful this week!
I love opening up the french doors and letting the fresh air in.
Have a wonderful weekend all!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Once again, sorry for the time between posts. It seems my New Post toolbar has decided to stop loading forever! I have changed back to the old version and here I am!
Last Friday we set off to Sydney for four fantastic days.
Friday afternoon involved a spot of shopping followed by a delicious dinner with friends.
Saturday Paul and I parted ways and after a dodgy cab ride I arrived at the amazing Coco Republic Design School - to attend the Masterclass Colour for Interiors
(whilst Paul cruised the harbour in a tinny!)
It was everything I had expected and more. The purpose built classroom was the perfect setting to learn about colour perception and attributes and to complete mood boards and total colour schemes.
Whilst I already knew a lot of the 'theory' of the course from my previous studies it was a great experience to be in working classroom, with a brilliant teacher so experienced in the field. We completed practical tasks with the facilities and materials required all on hand. I also had the opportunity to meet some wonderful and interesting people.
I would thoroughly recommend this to anyone!
Of course the visit to Coco would not be complete without a visit to the showroom, which was totally stunning!!!
Saturday night we dined at Bel Mondo at The Rocks. The atmosphere, view, service and 5 course degustation with matching wines was amazing and the perfect dinner experience with my favourite dish of the night being Chef Andy Balls Sauteed Scallops with nicoise vegetables, roast capsicum puree & mizuna leaf. Favourite wine if the night was the 2009 Patina, Scandalous Riesling, Orange NSW.
Sunday Paul ran the 14km City To Surf. Somewhat harder than the City to Bay with its challenging hills! The 85,000 people atmosphere was exciting and gave a huge sense of community spirit. With over $3 500 000 raised for charity every participant should be proud.
Lunch at The Italian Village Sunday afternoon was just what my runner needed with its beautiful waterfront location and harbour views.
Monday Morning we walked from the City to Bills at Darlinghurst. The corn fritters were out of this world!!!
Later we caught the ferry over to Manly on the 18 degree sunny day it was the perfect end to our Sydney long weekend.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Garden - Before and After

November 2005

November 2010

May 2006


September 2007


November 2005
November 2010
November 2010
Rose Garden 2010
2011 - still very much a work in progress!!!

Now my garden is in no way finished but sometimes it is good to reflect on all you have done.

The older parts of our garden are approximately 5 years old, other parts only a few years old.

When we built our house there was next to nothing surrounding it. We started by planting hedges and trees to get the basic structure of the garden established.

I drew a plan for our garden one bored day whilst we were living in the UK for a short while. The house was not built at this stage but the plans were drawn and I knew the placement of the house in the yard.

Surprisingly the plan has not changed!

What has changed are the plants used. It has been a case of a little trial and error as I am not used to the soil and climate here. My principal is lots of mass plantings, not lots of variety, hedges for structure, lots of lawn and trees.

I am excited to see what the garden looks like in another 5 years!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Coco Republic Design School

Sorry for the lack of posts but it seems my toolbar decided to stop loading AGAIN!

That along with phone issues has technology letting me down a little lately, not good when you are so used to it and need it to run your online business.

I am delighted to be heading over to Sydney in a few weeks time for 3 glorious days.

Friday will be shopping and drinks with friends.

Saturday I will be attending the Coco Republic Design School for the Colour for Interiors Masterclass. I can't wait to think outside the square and lean something new
(most of you know my house has a lack of colour!!).

Sunday my husband is running in the City to Surf and raising money for my beautiful niece Charlotte who suffers from a condition that has left her with low vision. The Royal Society for the Blind is currently working with her to help make her life a little easier.

If you wish to make a donation head to

Monday this farmers wife will head back to life on the farm!
I haven't been to Sydney for a few years so  would also love to hear about any
special places to go for dinner etc.

Hope you are all having a great week, the weather here is gorgeous!