Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Garden - Before and After

November 2005

November 2010

May 2006


September 2007


November 2005
November 2010
November 2010
Rose Garden 2010
2011 - still very much a work in progress!!!

Now my garden is in no way finished but sometimes it is good to reflect on all you have done.

The older parts of our garden are approximately 5 years old, other parts only a few years old.

When we built our house there was next to nothing surrounding it. We started by planting hedges and trees to get the basic structure of the garden established.

I drew a plan for our garden one bored day whilst we were living in the UK for a short while. The house was not built at this stage but the plans were drawn and I knew the placement of the house in the yard.

Surprisingly the plan has not changed!

What has changed are the plants used. It has been a case of a little trial and error as I am not used to the soil and climate here. My principal is lots of mass plantings, not lots of variety, hedges for structure, lots of lawn and trees.

I am excited to see what the garden looks like in another 5 years!


Vicki said...

Your home is beautiful and inspiring!


loulou said...

Oh Letitia

Be still my heart or actually I think my heat stopped and needs to beat again!

I am in garden envy, homestead envy, LAVENDER envy - basically just envy.

My little 405 sq mt plot is suffering here and wondering where some tender love has gone on the outside.

Well done - effort in = results out :)

lovely photos thank you



Brierley + Clover said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Sarah B said...

It's just stunning! You must be so happy with how it looks. The style is perfect for the look of your beautiful home ;)

B is building a house said...


Abigail said...

You've come a long way in a short time.
A house isn't a home without a garden.
It's beautiful.

KL said...

OOooh, Lovely! how great to have those photos to remind you of what you have achieved. I love gardens and particularly hedges and semi formal layouts and really enjoyed your post. thanks!

It's me said...

Wowwwww....your house is wonderful !!!

Tricia Rose said...

All the style and function of a Colonial and none of the fuss! I'm curious about the floor plan...

Sorry to comment on the house when the post is about your beautiful garden. I appreciate your wry comment on soil and conditions. I moved from London to California and have had to re-think many of my favorites (and make new ones).

Stylish Settings said...

Hi Letitia
I think it is really important to stop and appreciate the hard work you have already done.

I sometimes find myself focussing on everything I have to do or change rather than appreciating what I have already achieved, so it's important to take stock from time to time. This is especially the case with gardens as they take time to grow and look established.

Your garden is coming along beautifully. Enjoy it - especially the lavender. I have tried growing lavender here in Brisbane but it really doesn't like the humidity.


Mammamusing said...

Wow that is very impressive!

It looks great :)

Georgie said...

Oh goodie... love before and after photos and at the moment garden shots are tickling my fancy! It looks fabulous Letitia and it's so wonderful to see the changes. It's also good to know that someone else's garden is a work in progress! gxo

A Room For Everyone said...

I'm excited to see it in 5 years too! It's so gorgeous now...I long for a home like yours..Rachaelx

Ann said...

Oh what a transformation...

almost magical.

Of course it took years to look like that, but its always nice to be reminded that perseverance, work and vision are always good virtues to have.

Daryl Wark said...

I am watching this space to see its wonderful progress, lovely lovely, lovely.
Great you have kept to your guns and not changed the plans it will be all worth it down the track.
Would love a big garden, (and a little time to tend it).
love your blog,

warm wishes,

B is building a house said...

I am planning on planting hedges too. Do you know what plant yours are?