Thursday, April 26, 2012

Green Inspiration

image via Pinterest

image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

We have had a lovely drop of rain here, seeding has begun on the farm and I am feeling inspired to do some more work and planting in the garden.

We recently had a very rare and precious whole weekend home and have started a little makeover in the veggie garden. Still a hedge and some trees to plant around the outside but it is looking good already.

Have a lovely weekend all!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Off They Go!

Boys off down the driveway to catch the bus

Today my little Tommy has headed off to his first day of school!

He was sooooooooooo excited.

My little boy wouldn't even let me take him in to school, so off he went on the bus with big brother Ollie and I met him in there with his heavy books.

As a mother, farmers wife and business owner  I am amazed at how many people have asked what I am going to do with my 'free time'!!!

What free time?

This discussion has come up quite a bit with some of my other friends who are working mothers.
It seems that if you work part time or from home people think you in fact don't work. 

Working mothers or mothers working from home more often that not are still trying to fit in everything with no extra help.

There have been times when I have considered closing my business to lessen the load and focus more on my children and home life, but I still need an outlet and interest of my own and so that is why I do it!

Enough said, there is my vent for the day. Now back to the orders, book work and juggling act.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Image from my home!

So often when I am asked for design advice I give same answer "keep it simple".

There are so many over designed houses, filled with what is the 'in' or trendy thing at the time.

Why decorate to trends? 

Decorate for your taste and your lifestyle, that way everybody won't have the same 'in' product,
print or style that is done to death!

Keep it simple and everything will shine.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Happy Easter!

A few years ago- boys playing with Ned our own Easter Bunny!

Just got back from a few fabulous days at beautiful Black Point with the family.

So much fun had, water skiing, tubing, snorkeling, socialising and relaxing.

Black Point is one of those rare places where the bay is lined with beachfront shacks, where kids can walk along the beach and run in to friends from school or children they see each summer.

We were lucky enough to share the shack with my brother and sister in law and their gorgeous children.

The cousins have had so much fun! Early starts, busy days, followed by early bed. Lots of fresh sea air and sand between their toes.

Hope you all had a lovely safe and happy Easter too.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Growing Up

Today I sent my two little boys off to school together on the bus.
It is Tommy's last day of transition before he officially starts school next term.

I am going to miss him terribly but I do take comfort in the fact that he has his lovely big caring brother Ollie to look after him in the same class.

Really how lucky are they? The boys are so blessed to have each other.

With my little boy growing up I thought it was time to do a little redecorating. Out with the baby blue and on to Red, Beige and White. 

I think it will last!