Sunday, April 22, 2012

Off They Go!

Boys off down the driveway to catch the bus

Today my little Tommy has headed off to his first day of school!

He was sooooooooooo excited.

My little boy wouldn't even let me take him in to school, so off he went on the bus with big brother Ollie and I met him in there with his heavy books.

As a mother, farmers wife and business owner  I am amazed at how many people have asked what I am going to do with my 'free time'!!!

What free time?

This discussion has come up quite a bit with some of my other friends who are working mothers.
It seems that if you work part time or from home people think you in fact don't work. 

Working mothers or mothers working from home more often that not are still trying to fit in everything with no extra help.

There have been times when I have considered closing my business to lessen the load and focus more on my children and home life, but I still need an outlet and interest of my own and so that is why I do it!

Enough said, there is my vent for the day. Now back to the orders, book work and juggling act.


Abbie Allen - Lifestyle Elements said...

Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures of your boys. I think many mums out there will appreciate the juggling act you are going through and trying to work out what is best, not only for your family, but for yourself. I certainly do. In the end, a happy mum equals a happy family after all! Enjoy your first child-free day and your book work :)

Belle Inspirations said...

Oh aren't they so precious...and venting is so needed isn't it!Have a beautiful week xx

B is building a house said...

Awwwwww. Tommy is a cutie!!!

Those back packs are huuuuuge!

I cannot even imagine what it would be like, having to run a business, household and bring up two kids. My sister has two little ones, my mum helps out and looks after the kids at least 3 days a week and she still struggles :(


Red Roses and Crystal ~ Annie said...

Oh bless grown up!

Oh dear, sounds like the tired old discussion about how mums choose to 'work' is still rearing its ugly head. Pay no heed, you do what is right for your family because in the end they are the only people to consider.

Tricia Rose said...

Best photos ever - love the big smile!

lou lou said...

Hello Letitia

such lovely photos and wow - a big boy feeling for him :) and a heart pang I am sure for you.

You always know in life what is the right thing to do at the right time.

Ahem... yes... what free time?? It goes so quick any "free" time one has doesn't it.

have a lovely day


TINA KENT said...

Have you been listening to my thoughts!!? Ha! I seem to have a list in my head that is being re-shuffled a million times a day! I know I've said it before but gosh your children are good looking! enjoy your hot cuppa every morning while working now! LovT

Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

Stop it with those gorgeous boys of yours - they are just sooooo delicious!!! Fabulous photos to remember this milestone.
I don't have kids Letitia but I totally respect and agree with what you are saying - I find it hard enough to juggle everything, plus you have a husband and two boys to look after! I admire you bella - keep up the fabulous work x

Gild and Grace said...

What adorable photos! He looks so happy to be off to school :)

I don't have kids but I often wonder how you ladies that do manage to get everything done!

Abbey x

Norralee said...

Hi Letitia, Hope Tommy had a great 1rst day at school...He looked so gorgeous!From what I can tell(following you only as a blogger)you do an amazing job at "mummying"and your chosen "work"You seem to balance the two important things in your life well, in order to look after others you also need to "be yourself"just look at the happy smiles on your boys faces, they tell us their own story...
Love Norralee

penny barns said...

I enjoy reading your blog as i am a mother who like you works from home. So i am hearing you today.
Sorry i dont leave comments often as like you would know time is limited and i just skim over all the blogs that a follow each morning before i get stuck into emails, housework etc...
I will try and make sure i atleast leave a :) face so you know i have visited.
Enjoy your day
Pen x

Claudia Lane said...

They are gorgeous Letitia...hope little Tommy is enjoying school! Have a great day :)xx

Down that Little Lane said...

It is so true.. I think if you don't work in an office there is a n assumption it is not a full time job you have.

Mine is full time and THEN I do the cleaning and chores alongside have the kids home a few days and work around them and classes etc..

One day I will afford a cleaner, lol.. maybe if I worked in an office I would create less mess? xx

Vintage Finds said...

You have put into words the sentiment I feel I am drowning under at the moment. Thanks for sharing. It really makes things seem simpler when you know others go through the same thing..... as I am about to log off at 7pm to clear and wash dinner dishes and put on a load of laundry! You do what you do so well.... keep doing it! x