Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Year On

A year ago our home graced the pages on SA Life Magazine.

The past year has been pretty full on (as if it wasn't enough so before).

Since shutting 'the shed' I have been overwhelmed with the growth of the online store. When I embarked on the journey I never thought it would end up as a full time job! 

Like many other mums out there I am still struggling with the balance of being a mother and working full time. But I am exceptionally grateful to be able to work from home. The flexibility to constantly reshuffle my working hours to suit as activities with the boys changes each week is brilliant.

I have always wanted to commit time to reading or helping at school and this still remains one of my favourtie things to do each week. I am very lucky that my boys attend a fabulous little country school where I have known many of the kids since birth and I love seeing all of them developing in to great little people each week.

There still seems to be a misconception that when you work from home you don't actually work, but this is one I am hoping some will wake up to one day! Perhaps some people are a little conservative or old fashioned or maybe they don't realise the power of the internet yet?

If any of you out there have any juggling tips please send them my way. I am still have a lot to learn!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

9 Years of Wedded Bliss?

Nine years ago on this day I walked down the aisle of the Scotch College Chapel and said I do to the love of my life.

Where have the past nine years gone?..............

I know! 
A 6 month overseas trip, house renovation, apartment purchase and sale, first child, house build (during seeding with a small baby), second child and new business. There have been some great and not so great times (2 screaming babies with reflux and allergies certainly tested the marriage).

Right now life is really good. 
I am very grateful for what I have and still madly in love with my husband. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

I'm Back!

Sorry for the absence bloggy friends! I've taken a little time out of blogging over the summer holidays to spend lots of time with theses precious lads!

Boy we have had fun. They are such a fabulous age.
Lots of swimming, skiing, snorkeling and fishing!

The motorbike from Father Christmas has been a hit!

But they have now gone back to school. 
My big year 1 and 2! Are they really that old already???