Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Dragonfly Cushion $35, Napkin Rings -Set of 4 $20, Pewter Candle Sticks- Set of 2 $60, Butter Dish $35,
Ice Bucket $130, Water Jug $90

All available at The White Shed

There is something positively classic and stylish about pewter. 

Why don't more people have the good old fashioned dinner parties that our parents did? There is something nice about going to an effort for friends. Let's face it once children come along trips to a restaurant are few and far between!

I am a huge fan of formal entertaining so couldn't be more pleased to introduce these gorgeous goodies to you which are now available at The White Shed.


Brooke said...

Gorgeous pewter products Letitia - elegant and timeless. Couldn't agree more about the dinner parties. Happily we enjoy regular dinner parties with our friends (there isn't much else to do around here in the evenings!).

chateaudelille said...

I'll second that. Love dinner parties and the chance to dress a table and satisfy the creative urge. Yours looks stunning easpecially on the black. Fiona

The Colliver's said...

I agree - nothing nicer than a great dinner party with friends - I love entertaining - bubbles, good food, classy ambience and laughs and tears with great friends - these are the times we remember.

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog:) Great pics and som much inspration...I wish you a lovely week
LOVE Maria at