Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Favourite by Paul Bangay

image via www.paulbangay.com

Last month I had a birthday.

Lucky me got this stunning book Paul Bangay's Guide to Plants from my brother and sister in law.

Most of you would know by now that I am a HUGE fan of all things Paul.

This gift could not have come at a better time. We have just pulled out some awful bushes around the veggie garden and I am looking to pretty up the area a little.

image via www.paulbangay.com

I can't stop looking through all of the stunning images by Simon Griffiths. 

If you are after a book of colour this is not for you. A lot of green, a little white and a touch of lavender. I LOVE it!

If you want your own book or would just enjoy drooling over Paul's garden designs head over to his website http://www.paulbangay.com/ oh and he also has a blog.


McCarthy Designs said...

Happy Birthday Letitia, I hope you had a lovely birthday and enjoy that gorgeous book. xx

Design Love said...


This is so bizarre that I see your comment tonight as the last 2 days I have thought of your blog and lovely home in Australia!!! I even spoke of it to a co-worker.
Happy Birthday to you!!!


Special 'K' said...

Yes Happy Birthday! It is so wonderful when we receive a gift we so want. Good for you. Enjoy! Cheers SpecialK XoXo

Gild and Grace said...

What a great gift! His gardens are amazing. Will have to get a copy for my hubby, he's a keen gardener and would love it :)

Abbey x

annie said...

I don't know about Paul Bangay...but I do love a lush garden with green, white and lavender. It sounds perfect!

Ann said...

Belated Happy Birthday!

Have a wonderful day.

I love looking at lovely gardens though I still have to know a lot about gardening. That book looks awesome.

Brooke said...

My local nurseryman visited Paul Bangay's garden last year (apparently he only opens once every four years). Very handy, because now he passes on all the tips and tricks he learnt from Paul Bangay's own gardener!

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