Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An Opportunity!

I was recently contacted and given the most awesome opportunity!
 I was totally flattered and applied with out a lot of thought......

Next thing I knew I had made the shortlist and had an upcoming audition.

Details emerged that if I was successful I would have to spend up to 7 weeks away from my family.

This got me thinking. Would I have applied had I not been asked? Probably not! Why would I do it? 
Well certainly not to change my life or further my career (these I am more than happy with). 
I would merely be doing it for the life experience.

I have just turned 31, have 2 beautiful young boys, a gorgeous husband, home, wonderful country life and a business that I love working in every day. I don't need or want the lights, camera and action!

To those of you going ahead with it (which I am sure there are some of you out there), go for it! 
I can't wait to see the show and I will be cheering for you from the comfort of my home on the farm!

Should the opportunity arise again later in life.....I might just be tempted.

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Kerry said...

It sounds like you've made the perfect choice :)

Vari L said...

Wise decision, Letitia! It would be fun to do but the thought of spending 7 weeks away just doesn't make it worthwhile. What is so lovely is that it allow you to stop and think and realise that you are very happy and content in your life which is such an amazing thing!

Vari @ Buttercup Ink xx


Anna White said...

Totally understand and agree Letitia...It is a great opportunity..but your right..when you put it all into prospective and ask yourself that very question..you soon find the answer...the truth to it.
Not only is it 7 weeks..but its 7 weeks of sharing with other housemates..filled with cameras in every room ..rolling 24/7...thats the part that would errrk me.
I too will be watching the show..and will be super excited should one of my fellow bloggers be appearing in it...Looking forward to it!

Claudia Lane said...

Dear Letitia, congratulations for making the short list, that is brilliant in itself I think. It sounds like you have both what you need and what you want which, if you ask me, at 31 it's pretty great...I know some people spend most of their lives searching for that special something...which would be right within reach if they only opened their eyes...you're obviously a pretty special person :))

Samantha said...

Congratulations on being chosen, seven weeks is a long time, my three boys are bigger and I dont think I could even be away that long. Once that fridge was empty, it would all be over and that would take one day.

Belle Inspirations said...

Letitia, congratulations anyway and have a fabulous week xx

Sarah B said...

How great to make the shortlist! I received an email as well, but didn't enter for pey much the same reasons as you. I can't wait to see it though and hope one of us bloggers is taking part :)

Janette said...

Hi Letitia, I'm a brand newbie to your blog and I'm DROOOOOOOLING over your shop! It sounds like you've made the right decision, 7wks would be so tough to be away from kids and hubby so I think you've made the right decision I'm really looking forward to seeing the show, love design shows!
Janette - My Sweet Prints

Anonymous said...

Letitia, oh my go for it you have to you will look back in 10 years and think "what if" really think again you are so talented.

Jess said...

Oh wow, how fantastic to make the short list, congrats on that!! I am so like you though, could never leave my boy(s - if you include hubby!) for 7 whole weeks, it would be like torture. You already have the perfect base to display your talents anyway! x

Melissa K @ Lulliloo said...

Teeshy, I think it is sooo cool that you made the short list and I know exactly what it meant to you! I think that you've made the right decision to stay with your gorgeous boys and hubby.
I think I'm so lucky to be your sister and I know that you've made some kind of similar choices to this in the past. In my eyes, I think you've reaped so many personal rewards from knowing yourself and following the path you've already chosen - you never needed fame to be a superstar - why stray from that now?
You deserve every success you have achieved - Mel xxoo

designed to a T said...

7 weeks would be tough Letitia. Congrats anyway on reaching the short list AND for being approached. Your reputation is well deserved, your style is gorgeous. No doubt you've made the right decision for you and your family...T

chateaudelille said...

Congrats on being shortlisted but i agree, 7 weeks away from my family would kill me. Id end up very miserable. Wise decision. Fiona

Karen said...

Congratulations on being short listed. Go where your heart takes you and you can't go wrong.
Kind Regards

Millie said...

Good decision Letitia. Silly me thought is was a couple's thing, so gaily went off to apply. Was very quickly told that a MOTH & Millie duo was not on, it had to be one or the other. Needless to say I would not have let designer MOTH go to Sydney for 7 weeks without me! I reckon this show's missed out on big ratings by flicking the both of us off, we would have provided the much-needed comedy relief!
M x

Trish @ A dream house for Trish said...

WOW what an awesome opportunity, but Im with you, putting life on hold for 7 weeks would be hard yakka & then to not see your husband & kids for that long wouldn't be any fun, but hey, I bet it felt good to be offered the chance!!!