Friday, February 18, 2011


Main Beach, Noosa Heads. Photo: Tourism Queensland

Very soon we will be off to Noosa! 

It is our first REAL family holiday and after an extremely busy year we are all looking forward to the escape.

So those of you out there who have been before, please tell me where someone who doesn't love the beach (the boys and husband do) and is obsessed with homewares and design should go.

Thanks to all of you for your very kind, understanding and supportive comments on my last post.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate your words.


Felicity said...

OK Letitita here's the skinny....

I started to write the web pages for all of the places listed in this article and then....well I found the article.

If you scoot down the coast a little there are some lovely little nooks to explore at Sunshine Beach and Peregian too, you'll find them tucked in amongst the eateries.

If you venture inland stop in at Twig and Grace in Cooroy and there are some interesting finds to be had at the secondhand stores in Pomona.

Enjoy your stay and if everyone else is at the beach, either pop into Bistro C [] for something delicious or ensure that they go just before lunch and insist on dining at one of the front tables at Sails [].

Felicity x

Simone said...

Enjoy your family holiday! I have just read your previous post, congratuations on making the short list! What an achievement, I'm sure there will be other opportunities for your fabulous talent when you're ready xx
PS- No tips for Noosa as we are a "beach" family, well the boys love it and I love sitting on my towel under the umbrella watching them :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Letitia,

I was going to suggest that you try the "Corn Fritters"at Bistro C for breakfast they are the best. You and hubby can eat and if the kiddies get bored they can sit right in front of you in the sand and play. Sails is also good for that but nor to kid friendly. if you love markets you must go to the Eumundi markets on the weekend,they are huge and only about 10-15 mins out of Noosa.
Have fun.
Simone x
Ps (I just scrolled up and I see that Felicity suggested the same. Well there you go they must be good 2 out of 3 comments .)

Kerri said...

Signature on Hastings is a must - so much gorgeousness on display it's not funny. Talloh is no longer trading, but in its place is One World Collection, which is very nice too. I'm sure you'll enjoy your holiday - we go to Noosa often and love it. K xx

Jess said...

I reckon you might like Bella Rustique lots of pretty homewares there. Have a wonderful time!

Kimberlee said...

"Signatures on Hastings" on Hastings Street will be your spiritual home - enjoy! xx

Millie said...

You will have absolutely NO trouble finding things to do ex-beach Letitia! Your gorgeous Farmer Has A Wife deserves his vacation big time.
Millie x

Belle Inspirations said...

Letitia Have a fabulous time in beautiful noosa I was recently up there with my precious 9 year old daughter as she was filming the tourism queensland tv campaign, it's totally stunning and our favourite shops were "Signatures on hastings" and "Blue illusions" there are also some gorgeous homeware shops back in the main street. Have a wonderful time it heaven! xx

Beck said...

I agree get yourself to the Eumundi markets! Enjoy the break with the kids and hubby. You have done very well to get your farming husband away from the farm, you deserve a medal for achieving this xx
Have a great time :-)

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi Letitia,

Wow, that shot looks beautiful. I hope you have a really gorgeous time checking out all the non-beachy things to do!!

I think you made JUST the right choice in the post below. I really admire you because it must have been tempting. You have such amazing taste that I'm certain more opportunities will come your way, should you want to take them.


Trish @ A dream house for Trish said...

Have a wonderful holiday, Ive never been to Noosa but have had many a trip to the sunshine coast & I really enjoy spending the day up in the mountains at a little village calle Montville, its like an old historical town filled with stores that are mostly handmade items, artists, wood turners, potters, glass blowing etc & cafes with veiws to die for. Its incredible!!

Natasha said...

Just shop 'til you drop and eat at the gorgeous cafes along the waterfront and you will have a BALL!! I am so jealous!

Best wishes,

shelley said...

isn't there a homewares shop called something like the white house in noosa?
they have a website..i'd like to go there..have a great holiday!

Noosa Beach House said...

Hi, I'm a Noosan :)

Try Signatures on Hastings St, Casa Noosa and Bella Rustique at Noosa Junction, Noosa Classics and One World and Fae Rentoul's Summer House on Gibson Rd, and of course The White House at Tewantin (catch the ferry down if you don't have a car). Have a wonderful time here, we certainly love living here, cheers x

Anonymous said...

I know this is a bit late but if you're ever in Noosa again you should visit Le Beau. It's in Thomas Street above Belle property so it's really close to some great resturants. They are a concepts store but there is tonnes of gorgeous stuff for sale there... even better Jo Newman (who used to own Talloh) is running interior decorating out of there and you can get free sessions in store with her!

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