Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wonderful People!

One of the great things about owning my business in the great people I meet!
This week I have come accross some wondeful people.

One was a blog follwer Jan from Adelaide who paid me a visit in the shed whilst on holiday on the Yorke Peninsula. Thanks so much for coming to see me Jan!

Another is Yvonne from Wallflower Events a boutique event planning, styling and design company.
Wow what a great job to have!
Please go and take a look at her amazing website, she is one talented lady! 

I have sent Yvonne one of my beautiful white pressed tin mirrors from the shop for an upcoming wedding she is styling, I can only imagine how stunning the wedding will be!


laura said...

Hi letitia,
I bet you do get to meet some really lovely people... such a lovely way to meet them too!!
have a wonderful weekend,
laura xx

Kelly Green said...

yes - the people you meet blogging are amazing! hope you had a good break too! KG x

A Room For Everyone said...

If that gorgeous mirror is the jumping off point, it will be lovely. Event planning would be a lot of fun. I loved your post about being grateful too, very well said..Rachaelxx

Emma Burgess said...

Hi Letitia,
The wedding planner's work looks divine. I agree, what a job! Hope you are having a good week. Emma.