Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fabulous Fawley

Ruth & the Girls

The Veggie Garden!

The Parking Space!

The most beautiful tennis court ever.

The topiary garden- not as good as Simon Griffith's photo!

Ruth & the Girls behind the Pierres full of buds!

I was very honoured indeed to be able to take my YP Garden Girls to see the magical garden of Fawley,an Adelaide Hills property belonging to dear family friends Ruth and Mal Hemmerling. 

Now I have been there many a time over the years but even I still get excited every time we head on up the plane tree lined driveway!

I had explained to the girls that it was a rare treat but there is no real way to even describe this property's true beauty.

You may have seen it pop up in the Real Estate section of SA Life, in last months Country Style Magazine or in the newly released book Rural Australian Gardens by Myles Baldwin and in my previous post.

On entering in to the French Provincial style kitchen via the gorgeous mudroom we all looked at each other and said "lets go in together and buy it............can we please?"

Ruth had made us a beautiful cake, coffee and we sat down to chat about gardens and where we were from and at with our gardens. Mal pulled out the album of before photos when Falwey was merely a house on a hill surrounded by paddocks.

Then the stroll around the garden escorted by Ruth. With the girls gushing and 'asking what plant is this?' It was truly evident that Ruth is a real gardener with a huge amount of knowledge and experience.

I didn't want to leave (never do) but we headed off to the Woodside Providore for a gourmet lunch and a bottle of Adelaide Hills Sav Blanc to cap off a perfect day out!
I purchased my copy of Rural Australian Gardens from Matilda Bookshop (the most quaint and inviting store) at Stirling, the last copy in the store and I was not disappointed.

Thanks Ruth & Mal for sharing and inspiring us.
The photos say the rest!



Jenny said...

What a lovely day out - your own private open garden party! ;-)

Miss Gingham said...

My kind of garden and my kind of day out. So pleased you had a lovely time.
Pamela xx

designchic said...

What a fabulous garden. and to share it with friends - the best!

Leah - The Inside Story said...

Such a beautiful garden. Sounds like a fun day out!

iheartart said...

Truly Stunning!

Karen said...

This is a true Adelaide Hills gem of a garden thank you for letting us take a peak.
Kind Regards

Millie said...

Just a divine post Letitia - although I'm sure you wouldn't have expected me to say anything else! What lovely hosts Ruth & Mal were, I hope lots of wonderful things lie in their future once Fawley is sold.
Millie ^_^

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Wow! I can't begin to imagine having such an awespme garden. I think if I had been there I would have hidden in one of the hedges and made a little home there for myself.

Perhaps that's why I wasn't invited!!!


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh my - how beautiful it is