Thursday, October 14, 2010


My husband was lucky enough to be able to swan off on a "farm tour" today with one of his boarding school friends Wes, whilst I and my lovely friend Susan from Lemon Tree Photography  (who took these photos of my little Tommy) were flat out on my house shoot for a mag (details soon). 

The day was not without drama we had a visit from a HUGE BROWN SNAKE!

Thankyou Susan you are amazing! xx



JANE said...

Oh, Letitia, he is just gorgeous! You're right, Susan is amazingly talented. I only wish she lived closer to Hobart. J x

Design Love said...

What a fabulous picture! He is beautiful! A snake? Yikes....maybe he's a friend of the huge spider I found on our property....pic on my post!

Can't wait to hear about the mag shoot! You must be excited!!!


Life in the Country Lane said...

Gorgeous pics Letitia.
Cant wait to see what the house shoot is about. Wont suprise me - you deserve it!!
Rebecca xo

Mimi said...

Gorgeous photo's of you son, very photographic. I look forward to seeing the home photos. Enjoy your Friday. Mimi x

Pamela said...

You have a lovely home and very deserving of being featured in a mag. And as for that gorgeous little boy, well, he should be on the cover!
Have a lovely weekend.
Pamela xx

chateaudelille said...

Tommy is so cute! Cant wait to hear about this mag shoot? Fiona

Anonymous said...

It was my pleasure! I am now inspired to paint my outdoor wooden toybox white to take more of these gorgeous pictures! Tommy, you are so handsome. xo

Julie-Ann said...

What an adorable little cutie. Gorgeous pictures:). I hope you managed to get rid of the snake-eek!

Simone - honeyandfizz said...

Tommy is a cutie! Cant wait to hear more about the mag shoot :) Brown snake = scary xx