Friday, September 10, 2010

Lulliloo Has Arrived!

Just wanted to share these pics of these beautiful Ruffle Cushions made for my shop by my lovely sister Melissa of Lulliloo Designs. She is currently living in the UK has access to some fantastic fabrics such as this 100% Irish Linen. If you haven't already visit her blog Hand Made Me she is a clever lady!

Don't they just look perfect in my formal lounge? I think two might be staying in the house!
I am a ruffle addict!



Life in the Country Lane said...

Love the cushions Letitia. They look great in your formal lounge too. A great addition to your store - they will be a great seller. Im a big fan of Melissa's blog, and love the bags she makes. Enjoy your weekend.
Rebecca x

Katrina Chambers said...

Absolutely gorgeous. They are keepers!

Jenny said...

Very pretty, yes keep them!

Design Love said...

They are so pretty! They look nice on your sofa.


laura said...

Hi Letitia,
thankyou so much for the mention! That was a lovely surprise!! I really love Melissas cushions! She is clever, they look great in your loungeroom, maybe she could do some more for the shop and you can hang onto those?!!! Melissa is lucky being in the uk as they are able to get find lots of vintage linens and goodies, harder to come by here!!! Glad your little one enjoyed his first day! Thats a good start! Hope it stays that way for you, my youngest wakes up EVERY morning saying `I dont want to go to school mummy` aaargh, look forward to when he is past that stage!!
hope you are having a fantastic weekend,
hugs, Laura xxxx

lisaroyhandbags said...

The cushions are adorable and look so pretty on your striped couch. Love that ottoman too :)

Jo Harmer said...

From one ruffle addict to another - they are lovely!

Christine @ Sunshine & Lollypops said...

What beautiful cushions! I'm going to have to check out Melissa's blog for sure! Yes, make sure you keep a couple on your lounge! Is the wine cabinet the one you were going to paint? It looks fab!! xx

Pamela said...

Hi Letitia,
Just popped in to say hello and wish you all the best with your gorgeous new business. Oh, and I love what you've done with the shed.
Pamela xxx