Sunday, August 22, 2010

My poor little boys!

We have had a terrible weekend. My poor Ollie got gastro Wednesday afternoon and has been very sick. Little Tommy got it Saturday and we ended up at the hospital Saturday evening with both of them. 

Thankfully our lovely local doctor was able to do a something for them. Little Tom is still curled up next to me asleep and has spent most of the day like this. I now have it too! Such a nasty bug. 

These are their bedrooms awaiting their return when they are well enough to leave the couch and our bed!



laura said...

Hi Laetitia,
hope you are all better soon, theres nothing worse than sitting in hospital with your babies..
Laura curriexx

Paint Me White said...

Letitia I know what your saying. I have been up all weekend with a sick little man as well. Hope your two get better soon. Love their bedrooms by the way - gorgeous. Sandy x

McCarthy Designs said...

You poor thing Letitia, I hope you are all on the mend now. It is a terrible bug and very draining. The boys rooms are just adorable I love them. xx

Monique said...

Wow Letitia! I've just found your blog and am so inspired by what I see! It's so nice to find someone in my state and I hope to come your way sometime. Keep up the stunning work! x

Jenny said...

Gorgeous bedrooms Letitia. I hope that you are all feeling better very soon, that is such a nasty bug and really drains your energy. Take care. ;-)

It's me said...

O my sweetie.....hope you all feeling better soon !!!......take care...wishing you a happy new Ria...

Third Avenue Style said...

Oh poor little popetts & poor you. What lovely rooms to return to though.


Design Love said...

Hope your little ones feel better soon....but what awesome rooms!!! Would cheer me up!!!


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh the poor little men. Hope they and you are soon feeling lots better.
How cute their bedrooms are