Thursday, November 13, 2014

Single Fronted Cottage - Master Makeover

After- new built ins and white fireplace

Housewarming gift - Love print from My Sweet Prints 

Much needed storage

LOVE my new curtains

Simple and hopefully timeless lighting- yellow walls still to be painted.
Colour suggestions?


I always knew this little SFC had great 'bones' it just needed a facelift!
I have thoroughly enjoyed decorating our Master Bedroom! Hope you like it?
Can't wait to share the rest of the house.


Jenny said...

Just beautiful Letitia. How about a very light grey on the walls to really highlight the white trim? Just a suggestion ;-)

Heidi said...

It looks so fabulous Letitia! You've really worked your magic with all your beautiful styling.

Brown Button Trading said...

hmmmmm, um - awesome! brilliant work bella. And I totally hear you on the storage. But I bought my SFC 'completely renovated and extended'.... yes, by two boys.... A zillion power points in inappropriate places, but no storage! first things i did was built in robes and a washing line! and the book cases.
let me know on FB when you are next in Adelaide so we can catch up. would love to do before christmas xxx

Avinash Dhameliya said...

i am like your look . . !!!

Melissa Rachele said...

Hi letitia, can you still source these black lamps?