Friday, October 26, 2012

Giddy up for Derby Day!

Shop this bow Facinator here

Next week I am taking a few days off to head over to Melbourne with my girlfriends to attend Derby Day. I cant wait, although I will miss my boys sooo much.

Thanks goodness for Grandad who is coming over to look after them whilst I am away and Paul is busy reaping our crops (of course harvest is about to start just as I leave).

I have loved looking for outfit inspiration for the day. What I really love about racing fashion is that it is all about classic, sophisticated and elegant style. No tacky mini dresses or boob tubes allowed!

The shoes I will be wearing!

Derby Day traditionally sees women dressed in a Black and White theme. 

Hats on the field; image from The Age

Perfect for me! 

Any Melbourne folk have any tips on where girls in there 30s should go for drinks and dinner?


Life in the Country Lane said...

Oh wow what fun!!! love the shoes:) have a great time with the girls and hope to see some outfit pics. xo

Polly said...

It might be too late for a booking but I adore Cutler and co. Ginger by is also great and the best cocktails I have ever had were at Der Raum

Polly said...


B is building a house said...

Love your inspiration dress! The shoes are stunning!

Have fun!!!


Gild and Grace said...

Derby is the pick of the days for sure! You've already got some great suggestions there. Circa and the stokehouse in st kilda are pretty fun too. Enjoy!

Abbey x

Brooke said...

Wonderful outfit inspiration - classic and elegant! Have a brilliant time!

Kate said...

Chin Chin! We went on Sunday and LOVED it, bit of a line but well worth the wait. Just don't order too much food.

Also went to Cumulus Inc (hot date night, whoop!) and it was luverly. My friend went to MoVida and adored that. The Aylesbury was also really nice.

Gosh, I love Melbourne.

PS. The fascinator is SUBLIME!


Belle Inspirations said...

What gorgeous shoes and that dress is so elegant! I Love it all!Hope you had a lovely time xx