Thursday, May 24, 2012


image via pinterest

Hallelujah it has rained!  
An inch of it so far and hopefully more to come. With seeding nearly complete we certainly needed it.

Most of you would probably wish it away but for us farmer's wives it means happy husbands, wet soil and watered crops (not to mention a nice green garden)!

The spirits within the house have lifted. There's nothing we enjoy hearing more than the drops belting down on the tin roof.

Here's to a great season ahead.


Ann said...

THat image is so cute.

Glad you got rain,
all of us need it. And I feel calm on rainy days spent in my room, I don't know why.

penny barns said...

Yay for the country rain.
We moved up to QLD almost 8 years ago from wagga. Our youngest at that time was 2 years old and had never seen rain until we were in qld
Pen x

Belle Inspirations said...

Love that rain! Wishing you a prosperous season and a beautiful weekend xx

Kelly Green said...
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