Friday, March 16, 2012

Ahoy Me Hearties!

This week my beautiful baby boy turned 5! 

Living in this lovely close community it is so hard to keep parties small. The kids all grow up together and end up with so many friends.

There were 18 pirates (well a few cowboys and fairies too) and one mother pirate (me). 
Thank goodness we have a lot of lawn and the weather was nice so they could all play outside.

A big thank you to my friend Victoria for taking these amazing pictures! 

I think this face says it all and is why us mothers go to the effort!

So it is off to school transition of Monday for my little Tommy, I will be a little bit sad.


cheryl @ nefotlak. said...

that's one happy little pirate!!
looks like it was a wonderful time.
cheryl xox.

Jason Lehman said...

Sweet party - I love pirates!

A Room For Everyone said...

Happy Birthday Tommy! What a gorgeous party. He looks so happy in the photos. Rachaelxx

Brooke said...

What a fabulous party! Looks like everyone had a ball.

Belle Inspirations said...

Happy Birthday to your gorgeous son, and congratulations on a beautiful party,well done! Have a lovely week xx

myob training said...

It really great close community to hard keep parties.This all kids are enjoy this party very well and they look so happy.I like this kids parties.

The Moerks said...

It looks like a hearty time was had by all.

McCarthy Designs said...

Happy Birthday to Tommy. His party looks fabulous Letitia. xx