Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Special Time

Just took a few days 'off' to spend with my special little boys during school holidays.
Always hard when you work on your own in your own business but it just has to be done!

Action packed with Cars Movie, Birthday Party & Train Ride, Tram Ride, Visiting Family and Friends and a session of Theatre Bugs!

I did have to do a little work whilst away though. Ordered a huge amount of beautiful new stock and also my Christmas range, yes silver and white.........again!

Hope everybody else is enjoying the school holidays.


McCarthy Designs said...

The boys look adorable dressed up and all ready to whip up a feast. It's nice that you got to spend some time with the boys and doing all those fun things. xx

Claudia Lane said...

Hi Letitia, your little men are so looks like they are having a lot of fun too :)
Claudia xo

Renee said...

Ahhh you have the best job in the world I reckon Teesh. Buying all that gorgeous new stock must be amazing fun. Enjoy the school holidays.

Renee x

Kimberlee @ Brown Button said...

I swear it must be illegal to have kids that cute Letitia! Glad to hear you got to half at least a bit of time to yourself and your family xx

Samantha said...

Gorgeous boys Letitia, enjoy your weekend.x

laura said...

Letitia, just super, super cute your boys! and love how they are all dressed up for cooking!! hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays!!
Laura xx

Beth said...

School holidays are such precious times that goes by so quick so great that you were able to do so much, and your boys look like they're loving the cooking.
Looking forward to seeing the new stock.
PS I have the same coffee machine!

loulou said...

Ingredients for the recipe you are going to cook.

Cute with a bit more cute and add a bit more cute.

Looks like it will be ok as you have plenty of that


designchic said...

So fun to take a break with your children. They are adorable!!

B is building a house said...

Letitia!!! They are sooooo soooooooooooo cute :)