Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Style Guide

Fleur de Lys Bookends set of 2 $30, Provence Jug $35, Green Hydrangeas $15 ea,
Silver Cansiters set of 3 $120, Pewter Clock $120, Candle Snuffer $12.50

Available over here

Hope you are all having a great week!
 Ours is getting better.
Two sick boys and no sleep, but now on the mend so things are looking up!


McCarthy Designs said...

All your stock is just gorgeous Letitia but I definately will be adding the bookends to my wishlist. I need some and they look perfect. xx

cheryl said...

cheryl xox.

Claudia Lane said...

Hi Letitia what a gorgeous selection!
Keep warm :)
Claudia xo

Tina Kent - Lady Chatterley's Affair said...

Beautiful flowers! My baby has a cold too. . .I think I've turned into a zombie in a pink fluffy dressing gown! Hope they are all better soon. LovT

Annie @ My White Homestead said...

So loving that clock!! Beautiful stock as always - BTW the little pears are quite the talking point of my home ATM!! Annie xo

Stylish Settings said...

You know how you go through stages. Well I'm having a hydranga stage at the moment. Love it. Beautiful.