Friday, July 9, 2010

Time for the white paint ........again!

I have just spent a glorious week at my parent's house in the Adelaide Hills. I had a fantastic time with my lovely husband, went out twice for dinner with just adults (anyone in Adelaide go to Chianti it is amazing) and took my boys to see Toy Story (in their cowboy hats)! On the work front I put in 3 huge orders of beautiful stock and met with my web designer about my online store!

I have come home refreshed and with a new outlook and am going to get painting............again!

Above is a picture of my formal lounge room now and I will post another after shot later! I plan on painting my wine rack white and getting a studded linen ottoman. We are quite limited with the layout of this room as it has three sets of french doors in it, but I will have a little play and see what I can come up with!
Also huge thanks to Ange at Chair Up for the lovely mention on her blog! xx


Christine said...

What a gorgeous room! I can't wait to see how the wine rack looks once it's had the treatment! Have a great weekend. x

Life in the Country Lane said...

Good to hear you have had some time for you and your family.. Have been to Chianti twice and loved it. Cant wait to see the ottoman - would look great with my new linen chair!! (picking it up in the next couple of weeks)

french doors and verandahs said...

Three sets of French Doors! Sounds like my kind of room! I can imagine it makes it hard to place your furniture though. If you posted that photo as your 'after shot' I would say how stunning it looks. It is already gorgeous!
Have fun with the paint brush!
Looking forward to the opening of your online store!
X Briohny.

chair up said...

I'm sure you'll work wonders on your lounge Letitia. Furniture placement does get a bit tricky when there are doors and openings everywhere.
Sounds like a fun time in Adelaide. My SIL and her family live in the Adelaide Hills. What a nice spot.
Enjoy your weekend:o)

A Room For Everyone said...

What a fantastic week! Can't wait to see how your room turns out..Rachaelxx

Christine said...

Hi Letitia, how is the wine rack going? I have a little award for you to collect over at my blog! Have a great day!
Christine x